EDI Standard Support

Enterprise organizations often deal with a wide array of ever-evolving EDI standards. As business requirements change with time, efficiently integrating these outlying data formats with core systems and databases usually requires intense manual coding and architectural complexity, consuming valuable IT resources and slowing operational responsiveness.

Stylus XML Converters effectively answers these data integration challenges, automatically transforming thousands of standard EDI messages to XML and back. With no development required, Data Integration Suite maximizes developer productivity and delivers a responsive, flexible data integration solution, allowing developers to seamlessly convert EDI data and stream it as XML at runtime to any enterprise application.

For the EDI standards of EDIFACT, HL7, IATA, X12 and EANCOM, Data Integration Suite includes a unique auto-detection mechanism, automatically determining the EDI dialect and selecting the appropriate dictionary version, with no manual intervention. Almost every institution that uses EDI, however, varies slightly from the published standards. Stylus XML Converters includes full extensibility mechanisms to cope with whatever customizations are needed.