EANCOM Support

EANCOM is a subset of EDIFACT with expanded code lists covering specific vertical industries and is maintained by GS1. EANCOM is a European consortium which has extended the EDIFACT messages in ways particular to its members, and under the guidance of GS1.
Although it has added no new messages (in fact, it only defines a subset), the code list values vary considerably in some cases to reflect regional needs. All three releases of EANCOM are supported.

EANCOM Standards Legend:

The XML Converter supports this message type for this version.

The XML Converter does not support this message type for this version.

The EANCOM standard does not define this message for this version.

1997 2001 2002
APERAK Application Error and Acknowledgement Message
BANSTA Banking Status
CNTCND Contractual Conditions
COACSU Commercial Account Summary
COMDIS Commercial Dispute
CONDRA Drawing Administration
CONTRL Syntax and Service Report Message
CREMUL Multiple Credit Advice
DEBMUL Multiple Debit Advice
DELFOR Delivery Schedule
DESADV Despatch Advice
DIRDEB Direct Debit
FINCAN Financial Cancellation
FINSTA Financial Statement
GENRAL General Message
HANMOV Cargo/Goods Handling and Movement
IFCSUM Forwarding and Consolidation Summary
IFTMAN Arrival Notice
IFTMBC Booking Confirmation
IFTMBF Firm Booking
IFTMIN Transport Instruction
IFTSTA Transport Status
INSDES Instruction to Despatch
INVOIC Invoice
INVRPT Inventory Report
MSCONS Metered Services Consumption Report
ORDCHG Purchase Order Change Request
ORDERS Purchase Order
ORDRSP Purchase Order Response
OSTENQ Order Status Enquiry
OSTRPT Order Status Report
PARTIN Party Information
PAYDUC Payroll Deductions Advice
PAYMUL Multiple Payment Order
PRICAT Price/Sales Catalogue
PRODAT Product Data
PROINQ Product Inquiry
QALITY Quality Test Report
QUOTES Quotation
RECADV Receiving Advice
REMADV Remittance Advice
REQOTE Request for Quotation
RETANN Announcement for Returns
RETINS Instructions for Returns
SLSFCT Sales Forecast Report
SLSRPT Sales Data Report
TAXCON Tax Control